Superior Cleaning Services Right Next Door

Landon Janitorial is a Bend, OR situated company, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality janitorial cleaning in the area! We started our cleaning business in 1988 and have now more than 2 decades of work behind our back. We believe in customer satisfaction and this is why our business is licensed and insured – we will make sure you get the positive results you deserve, no matter the price we’ll have to pay! Our office cleaning team can do anything from light floor cleaning, to deep commercial janitorial cleaning! No matter what the size of the job, our professionals are on standby, waiting to receive your request! The best janitorial serviceHere are some of the places you might have seen us perform our cleaning services:

  • – General Office buildings
  • – Libraries
  • – Insurance Company
  • – Office buildings
  • – Malls
  • – Commercial Offices
  • – Banks
  • – Lawyers offices 
  • – Small Manufacturing facilities
  • – Cafeterias
  • – Factories
  • – and many others!

The variety of places we have performed our superior janitorial service seems limitless. Most of our competitors do only house cleaning, while we clean office buildings as well! None of them can match the flexibility of Landon Janitorial! Every job we do around Bend, OR is executed with the utmost precision and professionalism. Our team of highly trained office cleaning specialists possess all the necessary abilities, supplies and cleaning products needed to deliver outstanding results!

Our work prices are more than competitive – they are made to be affordable for all commercial and industrial clients we have. What are you waiting for? To get in touch with us, please use the provided contact form, or call us now at (541) 388-2675 to receive full information on what we do , and where we do it! Our business hours come as follows: Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Emergency services are, however, available during the weekends, without extra charges. You only have to make a request a few days upfront!