Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a third party company is the best way to ensure the cleanliness of your office. However, there are all sorts of companies out there, and even though you may trust your cleaners, it’s still a good idea to monitor their work. Here are several things that you should check in order to find out whether your janitorial cleaning contractor has done a quality job or not.

Plant leaves

If you have plants in the office, then you need to know that they can attract dust. Your cleaners may take care of watering them, but this is not enough. Your plants should be cleaned regularly. So, if you want to see how thorough your cleaners are, run your fingers on your plant leaves. If dust remains on your fingers, then obviously, they should invest more effort in cleaning your office.

Under the carpet

One of the main tasks in the office cleaning process is vacuuming. Your cleaners may be vacuuming your floors on a regular basis, but this doesn’t mean that they do it right. Carpets can attract bacteria and germs, making your work environment unhealthy. You must make sure that your carpets are not only cleaned but also disinfected. In condition, consider flipping one of your carpets every now and then to check what’s underneath. Cleaners usually vacuum the top side of the carpet, but they rarely vacuum underneath as well.

Around the faucet

The cleanliness of your bathroom plays a crucial role in the reputation of your business. Dirty or poorly maintained bathrooms are unacceptable in a business environment. So, make sure that your janitorial cleaning service provider spends enough time cleaning and disinfecting your office bathrooms. In order to check the quality of their work, check around the faucets for any signs of soap, dirt, or grime.

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