We Have No Limits When it Comes to Making a
Commercial Property Sparkle!

Is your current office cleaner not performing his duties according to your expectations? Are you searching for someone far more capable of delivering superior quality results?  Do you think it is time you receive the cleaning attitude you deserve from  your janitor? Then the time to call us has come!

Landon Janitorialis here, delivering high quality commercial janitorial cleaning and office cleaning service in Bend, OR. We are the company that will leave you satisfied and asking for more! We were established in 1988, and are proud to have been in the local cleaning business market for more than two decades already. Sweep-up pipeWe have acquired license and insurance rights, to make sure that our clients always get the most satisfying and sage office cleaning services! Our company can deliver supreme cleaning services, at the following institutions:
– General Office buildings,
– Insurance Company,
– Banks,
– Lawyers offices ,
– Small manufacturing facilities,
– Commercial offices

In addition to this, we can perform any type of janitorial service you need around your property, making sure that your family lives in a clean, bacteria-free environment. After booking us, you will no longer worry about your kids rolling over your dusty carpets or your pets’ hair sticking on you, everywhere you sit.

by Andy Harris on Landon Janitorial

Thank you guys! Our restaurant looks cleaner and we have more clients after your services

Landon Janitorial
Address: 64682 Cook Ave #44 Bend, OR 97701
Phone: (541) 388-2675

People suffering from  dust allergies and breathing problems may feel uncomfortable when living or working in a place which is not being cleaned on a regular basis. This is why booking an office cleaner is an absolute must if you have such individuals around you. In fact, a clean office can not only reduce the bacteria level around you but also improve the entire working environment, the relationship you have with your colleagues, work tempo, etc.

One of the most important aspects of our company’s mission, is human health. Professional maid cleaning and wiping window in office with soapFor example, a messy workplace can be a spawning ground for bacteria, but a clean one provides the exact opposite. The first people who will start to feel the effects of a quality cleaning service, are those with allergies and sensitive respiratory systems – they will find it easier to breathe and perform their duties in the workplace! We promise, our highly trained specialists will clean and purify any office space, with professional determination and impeccable attention to detail!

Our highly trained specialists are prepared to take up any cleaning challenge – big, or small! The work methods and cleaning materials we use are extremely powerful and always deliver guaranteed results. Landon Janitorial uses special detergents and materials, in order to make sure that each office cleaning service in Bend, OR which we deliver is executed perfectly, and without any health hazards!

About our service fees and availability

Our company applies only budget-friendly prices, tailored to your personal financial plan. This makes our office cleaning services affordable for everyone. If you want to receive an accurate quote for the general, deep or janitorial cleaning, you need, then you better hurry up and call our customer service center at (541) 388-2675. One of our friendly representatives will calculate our fees and provide you with detailed information about every type of service, you can book with us! If you want to fix a date for a janitorial service with us, you can also use our hotline and contact us now! We will be expecting you!